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The Book of Revelation 20 Session Teaching Series (DVD)

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Prior to Jesus’ return, the Holy Spirit is raising up the most powerful and glorious Church the world has ever witnessed. She will emerge as a mature Bride in divine wisdom, godly character and supernatural power, who will partner with Jesus to confront the most wicked regime known to man at a time unlike any in human history.

This provoking 20 session series on the book of Revelation peers into the beauty and majesty of Jesus, as Bridegroom, King and Judge, whose brilliant end-time battle plan brings forth a mature Church, brings in the Great Harvest and brings down the kingdom of darkness in one sweeping series of events!

"My heart is filled with joy and encouragement... I look to my future with a new set of eyes and entirely different vision for my life. Thank you for opening my heart to the fiery and passionate Jesus of Revelation!" - Daphne


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