We believe that the Father is raising up a glorious Church throughout the nations in preparation for His Son’s return and that her primary means of transformation is by encountering His beauty in intimacy.

Therefore we value encounter with God, personal transformation and making an impact in the nations.

Our mission is to gather all who are hungry and equip them to encounter God, resulting in personal transformation and empowerment to impact their city for the glory of God. Our objective is simple – impact through intimacy, but we cannot do it alone.

I invite you to ignite the nations with us. Your partnership will empower us to give our full strength to this assignment and make way for us to reach any people, in any nation, at any time.

Special Gift

We invite you to join our Ignite partnership team by giving a special gift of $500, $1000 or $5,000. Your special gift will directly empower our team to reach the nations more effectively.

Monthly Partnership

We invite you to join our Ignite partnership team by regularly sowing into the mission of Ignite the Nations. Monthly gifts of $30, $60 or $100 go a long way!

Regular Prayer

We invite you to join our Ignite prayer team who receives our itinerary for strategic prayer. Even 30 second prayers count, as God is good and He gives more grace simply because we ask in faith!

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