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Global End-Time Worship, Prayer, and Missions Movement

Prior to Jesus' return, the Holy Spirit is establishing the most powerful worship, prayer and missions movement in human history. However, these will not just be functions that the people of God perform, but rather eternal realities that we will embody! At the very core of this global movement is presence-based worship and God's desire for intimate encounter! His desire has always been to dwell in unhindered face-to-face communion with His people in the paradise-like conditions of the Garden of Eden on the earth forever (Rev. 21:3, 22:4)! Therefore, the centerpiece of God's eternal purpose is the full convergence of the heavens and the earth, as it was in the beginning (Eph. 1:10).

Today all over the earth, God is releasing grace to establish Kingdom communities that pray for missions, with music, from the place of intimacy and are patterned after the liturgy of heaven (Mt. 6:10). These apostolic prayer centers after the "Davidic order" are the first place of heavenly convergence (Ps. 132:1-5)!

In this two-part series, your heart will be awakened as Corey reveals God's desire for intimate communion and His glorious invitation for partnernship in the coming global revival.

Session 1 - Global End-Time Worship, Prayer and Missions Movement

Session 2 - The Governmental Shift from Heaven to Earth